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Lease Expiry  

...."Should I stay or should I go?"

A great song, of course, to be enjoyed by way of the following YouTube link:-

Should I Stay or Should I go - The Clash

But the words above [THE CLASH – should I stay or should I go?] also aptly describe the conundrum facing all commercial property occupiers at lease expiry.

Stay on best achievable terms, or go – relocating to take advantage of the best terms available from the keenest landlords?

But if you relocate, or close altogether, you will still have terminal dilapidations to resolve at the vacated property. Claims can often run into hundreds of thousands of ús. These can invariably be successfully capped in the current climate of property supply generally exceeding demand by skilful application of section 18 [1] of The Landlord & Tenant Act 1927. This is the specialism of our sister practice

Unsurprisingly, being the only niche specialists, with unrivalled expertise and success in applying section 18 [1], they are consistently busy in this climate of ever increasing lease expiries.

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